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Anti-Fraud Workshops

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Investigative Interviewing Techniques and Methodologies

Doing fraud-related Interview like being in a bullfight game. You need to lead the fight and direct the bull to win. Fraud Investigators are in charge of the interview and their ability to get information depends on the interview strategy.

Gathering information from interviews is an integral part of the investigation process, but getting to the truth requires more than simple questions. Learn significantly more about a company when you conduct interviews that probe more deeply, follow up on signs of potential deception and politely pursue evasiveness.  

This workshop will show you how to conduct more effective interviews during an investigation in order to successfully obtain the truth and detect lies and deception. 

Obtain the truth, detect lies and uncover deception  

Workshop Outline: 


  • Selecting the Investigation Strategy

  • Obtaining and Handling Evidence

  • Analyzing, Interpreting and Documenting Evidence

  • Planning the Interview

  • Fundamentals of Eliciting Information

  • Dealing with Difficult People

  • Legal Elements of Interviewing/The Fraudster’s Mindset

  • Distinguish between an interview and an interrogation

  • Analyze how your body language affects communication with the interviewee

  • Documenting and Reviewing the Interview

  • Writing effective fraud investigation report

  • Setup the interview room

  • Applying Professional Skepticism During the Interview

  • Strategies of Building Rapport with Interviewee

  • Developing Valuable Questions on the Fly

  • Questioning for Quality Information

  • Evidence-Seeking Interview

  • Applying the PEACE Model of Interviewing

  • Confirmation-Seeking Interview

  • Handling of Negative responses and Objections

  • Admission-Seeking Interview

  • Closing Interviews and Interrogations

  • Confessions and Signed Statements 

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