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Anti-Fraud Workshops


Best Practices in Planning and Conducting Fraud Investigation 

The success or failure of any fraud examination or fraud-related interview depends mostly on the ability of the fraud examiner to plan, analyze and investigate using the right mindset.

Creative, innovative, logical, cognitive, and critical thinking is as essential for the success of fraud cases as much as the technical knowledge related to handling fraud examination processes.

This workshop seeks to help fraud examiners develop a mindset that will enable them to effectively resolve fraud cases in the 21st century.

Rethinking how to plan, analyze and investigate fraud cases in 21st Century 

Workshop Outline: 


Modern Fraud Examination Techniques 

  • Developing a Fraud Investigation Strategy

  • Obtaining Relevant Evidence And Data 

  • Effective Fraud Report Writing Techniques

  • Case Study: Bank Bumiputra Scandal


Fraud-related Interviewing Techniques:  

  • Identifying Witnesses & Planning For Interviews

  • Conducting Evidence-Seeking Interviews

  • Conducting Admission-Seeking Interviews

  • Case Study: Low Cost / High Value


Fraud Risk Assessment:

  • Identifying Fraud Risks 

  • Planning for Fraud Audit 

  • Conducting Fraud Risk Assessment

  • Developing a Fraud Risk Management Program

  • Identifying Red Flags related Cyber Fraud

  • Case Study: Her Passion for Fashion


Principles of Fraud Analytics 

  • Utilizing Forensic Data Analytics (FDA)

  • The Data Analysis Process New Trends in Fraud Analytics

  • Using Descriptive, Predictive, and Social Network Techniques

  • Case Study: Nick Leeson


Fraud Detection Using Data Analytics

  • Detecting Occupational Fraud Schemes Using Data Analysis

  • Detecting Financial Statement Fraud using Data Analytics

  • Detecting Corruption Using Data Analytics

  • Detecting Billing and Payroll Fraud Using Data Analytics

  • Detecting Payroll Fraud using Data Analytics

  • Detecting Check Tampering Fraud using Data Analytics

  • Detecting Asset Misappropriation Fraud using Data Analytics


 Developing Anti-Fraud Strategy 

  • Establishing effective internal fraud controls 

  • Developing Fraud Response Plans 

  • Understanding Fraudster behaviors 

  • Fraud Triangle and Diamond Theories

  • Case Study: Inside the $80M scam

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